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Editorial Staff

Police want parents support to address gang violence

Lawmen in Antigua and Barbuda want the help of parents as it continues to address the recent spate of violence among young people in the country,

The police used a press statement on Tuesday to call on parents to shoulder their responsibilities and get more involved in the supervision of their children.

“The administration is of the firm view that the recent upsurge of violent behavior among young people is a result of some parents failing to provide proper support and nurturing to their child\children. This lack of involvement on the part of some parents in the lives of our youths is reprehensible, and should no longer be tolerated,” the statement said.

To have the matter properly addressed, the police say they will be collaborating with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders; including some of the parents to assist our youths in fulfilling their potential to become positive citizens in Antigua and Barbuda.

“Members of the public are also asked to get involved and report any suspicious gatherings or disorderly behavior among young people to the police without delay. The police will be expecting the full cooperation of everyone going forward,” the statement said.

Earlier this week, a 15-year-old student of the Antigua Grammar School, after a premeditated attack by three unknown young men wearing hoodies and armed with a machete. 

It is said that gangs called – 2 Drilly, its affiliate 2 Drilly Girls, and alleged rival 700 Bones —are behind the attacks. 

Attorney General and Minister for Public Safety Steadroy Benjamin has since announced that there will be a review of the Child Justice Act which was passed in 2016 to make it so that these young criminals are held fully accountable for their actions. 

He also said that the “the Minister of Education will be convening a meeting with the heads of the two schools and the police will also be conducting their strategy meeting.” 


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