MSC’s Seashore dropped anchor in St Johns

Tourism Minister Charles Max Fernandez says the inaugural call of MSC’s second-largest vessel Seashore, speaks volumes for the industry.

And that’s not just because the ship brought over 3000 passengers from Brazil, the US, Norway, and Argentina when it docked in Antigua.

But Fernandez says the MSC is perhaps by far, one of the fastest-growing cruise lines, with about 12 new ships coming out over the next six years.

“A lot of these are going to be of the OASIS size class so we will be ready for them. In addition to that, the first LNG-powered ship will be out very shortly. Again, we are hoping that by April next year we will be ready for them,” he said at a ceremony on board the vessel yesterday

Fernandez said further that these services will place Antigua and Barbuda in a better position, to become the destination of choice.

“Because it’s so competitive, you have so many islands but the route they take would only involve maybe six. The fact that you bring all these factors into play, would put us in the place where we become a must in terms of whichever island they go through. It means that when it comes to choosing, Antigua has to be involved,” he said.

The captain is optimistic that the relations between the two countries will grow. He was also pleased with the new improvements at the island’s main seaport.


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