Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Over 1 billion dollars’ worth of weed destroyed in Guyana

The cannabis herb went up in flames in Guyana, quite to the dismay of those who owns and uses the illegal substance. All the cannabis plants and camps were destroyed by fire.

The Guyana Police Force says the destruction is work about a million dollars. The fugs were found at several farms in an area called Berbice.

They were discovered when a party of officers along with the Coast Guard and the Guyana Defence Force were conducting operations in the Berbice River on Saturday following reports of cattle rustling by a farmer of Kimbia Village, Upper Berbice River.

“As the team went in pursuit of the perpetrators, they came across three suspected cannabis farms measuring about eight acres along the Ebini Trail, Upper Berbice River, with about 37,000 suspected plants ranging from three to seven feet in height and weighing approximately 4,000 pounds,” a police report from Guyana stated

Three make-shift camps with four hundred pounds of dry cannabis, along with one tiller and several pieces of farming equipment were also seen according to lawmen.


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