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Editorial Staff

Four ABLP women promised Cabinet positions

All four women contesting the upcoming general elections on an Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party ticket have been promised Cabinet positions should they be successful at the polls.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne gave that assurance to his wife Maria, Samantha Marshal, Senator Gail Christian, and Knacynter Nedd.

Maria and Samantha are already Cabinet members, while Gail and Nedd who are senators, expressed confidence that they will be victorious at the polls.

“It’s not very often I go as far as guaranteeing Cabinet positions, but I’ll say here that in the case of Samantha Marshall – who is the Labour Party female pioneer in the Lower House – I mean, her position in the Cabinet is assured. Minister Maria has a great seat in the Cabinet, so evidently, her position is also assured. Now, we have two candidates … we know for sure that Comrade Gail, based on empirical evidence, is winning, and we haven’t polled Barbuda, but we have information to confirm that Comrade Knacyntar Nedd is definitely on her way into the Lower House,” Browne claimed.

Adding, “So, I want to assure both Comrades Christian and Nedd that [they] have a place in the Cabinet. This is driven by the need for greater gender equity, not only in the Lower House but also gender equity in the Cabinet,”.

There has always been a loud cry for women to be included in Parliament.

The country’s main opposition party, the UPP, is expected to field three women candidates in the upcoming general election constitutionally due in 2023.


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