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JA Bus driver attacks baby mother after finding man in child’s bed

A bus driver, who allegedly injured his child’s mother in a fight after going to her house and seeing a grown man lying in his seven-year-old daughter’s bed, is to go to dispute resolution.

The 36-year-old bus driver from May Pen, Clarendon, who was in custody, was offered bail when he appeared in the St Catherine Parish Court on Tuesday.

He and the complainant are to return to court on February 10, 2023 after they have gone to dispute resolution.

The court heard that one day last week, the bus driver was calling his babymother’s cell phone but got no answer. He then went to her premises in Bridgeport and, after entering the house, he reportedly saw a man lying on his daughter’s bed.

The accused and the complainant got into an argument, which escalated into a fight. The complainant’s phone was damaged and she received injuries.

The man who was in the house managed to slip away.

In court, the complainant cried inconsolably to the police and the parish judge had to stand down the case so she could compose herself.

The woman said that the accused man cut off her finger and stabbed her in her vagina. The court noted that she had all 10 digits.

In offering bail, the parish judge said that the accused, whose name as well as that of the complainant cannot be revealed because a child is at the centre of the dispute, must report to the nearest police station three days per week.

He is also to stay away from the complainant until the court procedure.

However, this did not go down well with attorney Cecile Ashton, who is representing the accused, as she told the court that the complainant has her client’s bank card with all his cash and wanted it returned.

The judge ruled that it should be handled by dispute resolution. (Source Loop)


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