Billboards or not I’m winning St Peter-Asot Michael

Parliamentary Representative for St Peter Asot Micheal has accused the inclement Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party of trying to defeat him at the polls by manipulating the Development Control Authority.

Michael’s attorneys have written to the DCA about a decision to place stop orders on the erection of huge billboards in St Peter

Michael told Parliament on Thursday however, that with or without billboards, he will win St Peter again.

“So must I be the only candidate in this country to not have any billboards?” Michael said in Parliament

“I am returning to this house whether it is on the DLP ticket, and it very well be on a Labour Party ticket…or independent,” he said.

Billboards are not going to win elections. When the people of St Peter go to vote they are not seeing a billboard on a ballot paper. The hearts of the people will determine on elections day,” he said.

Michael applied for 66 billboards but that request was turned down by the DCA. He was permitted to only construct 15.

Michael said contrary to reports he only applied for twelve 16×62, twelve 16×32, and twenty-two of the 8×16.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said Michael decided to construct the billboards without the approval of the DCA.

Browne said his government gave no instructions to the DCA in this matter but he expected every regulatory authority to operate within the confines of the law.

“He has done so [erected billboards], without the approvals. One of the billboards is blocking his opponent and another is blocking traffic. Just like the labour party had to apply over a year ago and reapply to get approval, Asot Michael is not above the law,”  Browne said

The prime minister “this is a country of laws” and he expects the DCA to ensure that those whom they regulate operate within the confines of the law and where they have breached the laws, they are expected to take appropriate action.

Michael has been removed from the slate of candidates to contest the upcoming general elections for the ABLP after he fell out of grace with the party.

He is challenging that decision in court.


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