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Editorial Staff

Sukie Burn Brain jailed for 6 months

Sukie Burn Brain whose real name is Shane Edwards, a popular artiste in Dominica has been sentenced to six months in a Grenada jail after he pleaded guilty to indecent assault.

He was sentenced on Friday by a magistrate and his defense attorney Jerry Edwin said that his client, had pleaded guilty during the court session that was barred to reporters following the incident that occurred at a hotel last week. 

Edwards, who was charged last Saturday, was unable to perform at the show where he was due to appear because he was unable to get bail.

Media reports said that the minor had requested a photo with the entertainer when the incident occurred. 

Edwin said he had pleaded for his client to receive a reduced sentence and that he had apologized to the Court, the minor and her parents for his improper behavior. 

According to Grenada’s Criminal Code, “indecent assault” is a summary offense that carries a maximum term of five years imprisonment. 


  1. Maza

    This incident did not occur when the girl requested a photo. This absolutely false. There were no photos taken with the performers, and the girls involved had no idea who he was.

    • Mary

      “Media reports” here seem to be propagated by his promoters, who want to shed him in the best light. Rather sad. Please do your reporting more professionally in the future. There is a Hotel video footage. The corroborates that there was never any photo requested are taken. Complete falsehood!

  2. Gargamel

    The “photo story” only exists in the comments section of Facebook. If you would like to fact check my statement, I suggest you reach out to Edwards’s lawyer.

    Please correct your article and in future do your due diligence and fact check your sources before publishing.


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