Wife reported husband stole her phone

A woman reported to the police yesterday that her husband had stolen her mobile phone and she wants it back.

The woman from Benjamin Drive contacted the CID and reported that her husband from Crosbies stole her LG Velvet cellular phone valued $1100.00 ECD.

The woman told the police that she and her husband got into an argument at which point he took the phone from her and left the home.

Police said a search was carried out within the area as well as the Crosbies area for the woman’s husband without success.

Do you think a man should take his wife’s cell phone? Let us hear your views on this matter.


  1. Lady Love

    No a man should not take his wife or girl friends phone. Don’t go searching for trouble guys.

    • Mystic

      1st Don’t Criminalize issues
      U phone I Rose u Purse..??
      Guys & Gal Games.
      Create Dimestic Constraints.
      Keep Police Outa you Business..
      ” twas cheaper to keep her?
      Darn Phone

      • Genie

        Maybe the argument they were having was regarding something on the phone or mysterious phone calls….and she lying and lying… even thought it might be him who bought the same damn phone…its still her phone…her phone calls..her privacy…if you have doubts ..left she and mek she keep she phone…. now police involve.

  2. Anonymous

    Yep that’s is wife an there are 1 union under God he should have alll rights too

  3. Anonymous

    Whats the reason for taking the phone? 🤔He probably suspected something in regards to the phone and his wife I guess thats what caused de argued thats why he took it. Love is something else we can sit here an say no he shouldn’t have taken her phone but I probably would have smashed the phone according to the situation who knows🤷‍♀️

  4. Dave Ray

    There is a reason he chose to confiscate her phone. He is suspicious of something ontoward. People need to be honest in relationships.

  5. White rabbit

    Did she have a receipt ?

    • Antsnest

      He has all right cuz if the wife take the phone same way he can’t do nothing about it there one she they exchanged vows

  6. Anonymous

    If you love each order it should be open relationship if it cannot be trouble no trust there thats why you take the wife phone because you know what you doing so you think your wife doing the same you have no right to take the womans phone .

  7. Wolf

    She got something to hide that’s why the police was called they are husband and wife one life one love one phone.


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