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Editorial Staff

Dead body found in plastic bag by roadside

In Trinidad, the body of a man was discovered wrapped in plastic and dumped at the side of the highway extension in South Oropouche on Tuesday

Police have not yet identified the man who was found during the evening. According to reports from the twin island republic, police were alerted when they received an anonymous call just before 6 pm

Police said that the body was wrapped in clear plastic, like cling wrap.

Lawmen said it was unclear as to the cause of death. He could not tell reporters whether the body bore wounds or whether the man suffocated to death.

The officer said the plastic would have to be dusted for fingerprints before it was unwound from the corpse at the Forensic Science Centre, St James.

Officers ascertained that the body was that of a man of African descent, who appeared to be in his 40’s, slim built, brown complexion, and approximately five feet ten inches tall.


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