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Editorial Staff

Gov’t works with forensic experts to expedite identity of skeletal remains

The family of missing teen Shamar Harrigan has been given assurance from the government that they will do everything possible to speed up the forensic results of skeletal remains found near a pond in Wilikies.

Harrigan, an autistic teen who has been missing since November 14th has not been found however his clothes and backpack; identical to what he was wearing when he disappeared, were discovered south of the Willikies salt pond.

Chief of Staff in the Office of Prime Minister Lionel Hurst says while there are some limitations, pathologists and other medical officials are doing their best to have the results in a timely fashion

“We have done everything we possibly can,” Hurst said at the weekly Cabinet press conference on Thursday morning.

Hurst said many times, tissues have to be sent to Trinidad and Tobago to get results quickly, “where the labs there are more sophisticated, in order to things like determining the cause of death or identity of the cadaver…We will do it as quickly as we can” Hurst said.

He said the government has provided all conditions required to obtain the results.

However, Shamar’s sister Shauntelle Barton reported to the media yesterday that the family remained optimistic.

“We are waiting for forensic DNA results to see whether it is actually Shamar, but as a family unit, we are thinking ‘no’ despite finding his belongings in the area,” she stated.

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  1. Nicky

    May God continue to grant the family strength as they await the findings.


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