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Dominican Entrepreneurs join forces to launch Katch Me – a flying dress company

Canada-based serial entrepreneur Elloise Richards and award-winning fashion designer Kimara Matthew have teamed up to launch their new venture– Katch Me- a bespoke flying dress company, offering a suite of services for women who want to experience the best, most confident version of themselves through a flying dress photo shoot against the backdrop of Dominica’s enchanting sea and land scapes. 


For Katch Me CEO, Richards, the mission is deeper than the dress. During the company’s official launch on the Push Past 10 Podcast with Dr. Simone Matthieu on Thursday 8th December 2022, she described Katch Me’s vision to be “the first step into women manifesting who they want to be.” According to Richards, her ideal customer is a woman who has done some work on herself, and who wants to ultimately reward herself with a captivating memento.

“I want a woman to look back and say ‘this is the time that I decided I was going to turn around [and] step into my power; this is the moment when I just decided that everything is going to change-that I’m just going to put everything behind of me and move forward.’”

Katch Me has already found endorsement from bold, confident and influential Dominican women through entrepreneur Jodie Dublin-Dangleben of Jaydees Naturals, Tropical Shipping Country Manager, Tamara Lowe and Dominica State College Public Relations and Recruitment Officer Monelle Alexis, who emanate grace and beauty in their custom Katch Me Flying Dresses.  

Currently, dresses are available in six colours- sky blue, orange red, white, lavender, teal and black. Matthew says more colours will be added in the future and customisations can be made as needed. 

For anyone wishing to make their photo fantasy come true they can visit the official website www.katchme.online to place their order in a seamless three-step process: pick the dress, invest a package that speaks to you, step into your confidence.

Through the “My Time” package the Katch Me muse can treat herself to this transformational photo experience or be joined by one other person (husband, best friend, mother, daughter) through the ”Love” package, which is also a fabulous way to commemorate the father-daughter bond.

The third and final package (“Indulgence”) caters to groups of three or more who want to capture a special moment that they can also treasure.  Cost, number of photos and number of on-site assistants will vary according to the package chosen. The company also offers several other services, which can be added on to selected packages at the customer’s discretion.

These include hair and make up, transportation and restaurant reservations to or from the shoot. In the event of a scheduling conflict other photographers and service providers will be used.  

The team of Richards, a business coach and digital marketing consultant at Business Midwife, and Matthew the firecracker behind Finesse Beauty House of Fashion, have teamed up with master photographer Derek Galon who will capture the images during the photoshoots. 

Galon, a Polish native who has resided in Dominica for the past eight years, has captured imagery for the Discover Dominica Authority, Secret Bay, Kempinski and other high profile companies in the Tourism space both here and in the Region.  Ayeola George of On Target Communication rounds out the Team and will manage publicity for the Brand.

The international team behind Katch Me is excited to add these services to Dominica’s growing tourism industry and hopes that visitors and residents alike will take advantage of the opportunity to have a flying dress experience in the Nature Island. 

The Flying dress experience was made popular in Santorini Greece, where tourists were photographed in the dresses with extremely long trains which seemed to be flying in the air against the white buildings and blue waters of the coastal town.

Now the concept has expanded to beautiful locations around the world including the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Aruba and now Dominica. 


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