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Fake hundred-dollar bills in circulation

Woman recieved fake hundred dollar bill

Some residents have been victims of receiving counterfeit hundred-dollar bills, a common practice during the busy season.

Though the reports are few, for now, customers are advised to remain vigilant when handling money.

A woman posted on social media that she was the victim of a fake hundred-dollar bill recently.

Usually, during the busy holiday period, fraudsters circulate fake money which is usually photocopied or printed poorly.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank says the fake notes will appear smaller than regular bills and lack the unique security features of the ECCB-issued bank notes.

The Bank has also advised that some of the existing security features of EC banknotes include a see-through feature:

On all of the banknotes, there are fish in the bottom left-hand corner on the front of the notes. When the notes are held up to the light, parts of the fish fill in, as areas on the back of the note line up perfectly with the front.

The EC banknotes are in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.

It stated that from time to time the ECCB upgrades the security features of the notes, in an effort to guard against counterfeiting. The last upgrade of EC notes was on April 1, 2008.


  1. Big John stud

    I wonder if that’s some of the money given away at the market on Saturday

    • Roytoy

      No you didn’t


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