Fake $100 notes in circulation in Antigua and Barbuda

Editorial Staff

Mar 8, 2023

Woman recieved fake hundred dollar bill

The ECCB or Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has put residents on alert to look out for counterfeit EC $100 bills circulating in Antigua and Barbuda.

The ECCB said the notes bear the serial numbers: VB0426226 and WD230137.

In a statement to the media release on Tuesday, the bank said counterfeit notes have no value, and that it is a criminal offense to use or be in possession of counterfeit notes

“The ECCB further urged the public to note the security features of genuine EC paper notes which include a security thread with text reading ECCB which is incorporated into the paper and can be seen clearly through the paper; a serial number printed vertically on the left side, and horizontally on the right side of the notes, and that no two notes of the same denomination bear the same serial number,” the statement said

Further, according to ECCB, “on the front left side, a watermark of Queen Elizabeth II can be seen when the note is held up to the light, and a watermark highlight, which reads “ECCB” can also be seen clearly when the note is held up to light”.

There is also an image of several fishes, printed with special ink, which glows, at the center of the back of the note. Genuine bank notes are printed on special paper which gives them a unique feel, the release noted.

“Individuals who think they may be in possession of EC counterfeit paper notes are also advised that they should report the matter to the police station nearest to them,” the ECCB added.


  1. H

    This is the result of bringing the Nigerian scammers to Antigua

  2. Joyrose

    Everybody, with even half a brain, realizes that Antigua is an easy target for everything because anything does and often accepted here.


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