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Editorial Staff

AT&LU president says proposed 4 % salary is acceptable

President of the Antigua Barbuda Trades and Labor Union Wigley George says the government’s latest salary increase offer of 4% for the period 2019/2020 is not unreasonable.

He said the government had initially offered a 3% increase which his union rejected and further suggested that an additional one percent would be a more attractive offer.

“The Antigua Trades and Labor Union represents the non-established workers, and it would be full hardy for us knowing full well the hardship they went through during that period of time [COVID pandemic], to be sticking out for something greater than that position of the Prime Minister for the last offer of four percent,” he said.

“And I’m willing to say to my members, the extra four percent taking it to nine, would be a reasonable position to hold on to, knowing fully well that you going into fresh negotiations again,” George told state media.

The 9 % would be over a three-year period, 5% for 2018, and 4% for the period 2019/2020.

George says the union will again be engaging in negotiations for a salary increase for the period 2021, 2022, and 2023.

“If and when we go back to the table for fresh negotiations, I do not expect to walk out of that negation with anything than just about 10% if we go forward. We want our workers to be satisfied and comfortable and to ensure that the promise made by the Prime Minister to give the workers at least something before Christmas, that we should grab it now,” he said


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