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Editorial Staff

UPDATE: Man who reportedly raped female cop granted bail

The Hatton resident charged with raping a police officer while she was intoxicated has been granted bail by Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.

He was asked to provide a surety to the court and report to the police station on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

He appeared before the court today.

The female police officer reported that on November 28th, she, and the man whom she knew for a very long time went to a fete together.

She said they both drank a lot of alcohol and at some point, while taking her home, he stopped off behind the Caribbean Union Bank where he raped her.

The female officer said the man allegedly performed multiple sexual acts on her.

The woman later told her boyfriend what had happened and together, they reported the matter to the police.

His committal hearing will take place on March 6, 2023.


  1. Hmmmm


    • M

      I thank God that she didn’t get killed. The customary thing is women being criticized after being raped. So said, what if none of the things you all are saying is true? What if this police officer is an actual good serving officer with good intentions? Yes, she was drunk, but tell me something, does that mean she should have stayed silent about it if she never agreed to it? The court has ruled and that’s why it is called RAPE? Noone should have to go through this – drunk or not. It is wrong!!!
      What is wrong with you people!!! Guess it has to hit home first for some of you to change your attitudes.
      I conclude by saying, should you have nothing good to say, keep silent.

  2. Annoyed

    Shoulda rape um 3 more time. Just give me a break. Why y’all go out just yall and a drink so just give me a break. Then have some a Aru police woman that wicked nf.

  3. Roytoy

    Annoyed I agree with you 100%. That matter should be thrown out of court. What nonsense is that? Behind CUB? Lol.

  4. Well well

    Lol behind the bank sound like he offer she money for lil sex but the machine never a work so she say she get rape


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