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Editorial Staff

Asot’s court “victory” neither here nor there-Wickham

Prominent Pollster Peter Wickham says the embattled St Peter MP Asot Michael’s victory at the courts is “neither here nor there” in political reality.

The High Court of Antigua and Barbuda has set aside attempts by ABLP to take disciplinary action against Michael which prevents him from being the ABLP candidate for the St Peter constituency in the upcoming general election. Michael has been replaced long ago by Rawdon Turner

Wickham said Michael has won a “moral victory within the contest of the ABLP and I don’t think it makes a difference at this stage”

“What he wanted was to be the ABLP nominee for the seat. You cannot sue somebody for that,” Wickham said

Wickham says while Michael can say that he was treated fairly on a moral basis, it is “neither here nor there”

Meantime Wickham said the St Peter seat is on “to keep a close eye on because of the narrative of independence lack of success in the Caribbean. I believe however that this one will test the boundaries of several assessments”

“I sense that it will become a bit messy…our assessment when we did the poll showed he was behind. But that poll needs to be watched” the pollster added

The Chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP), E. Paul ‘Chet’ Greene, says that the legitimate representation of the Party in the Constituency of St Peter is “in no way affected” by a decision of the Court

The ABLP Chairman stated that the Party’s candidate remains Rawdon Turner “who enjoys the full support of the Party”.   

Greene explained that “while the decision of the Court is fully respected, the reality is that the Party has already taken all the necessary steps to handle the matter, concerning

Mr. Asot Michael, by its internal arrangements”, adding that “In this sense, events have overtaken the proceedings of the case, and Mr. Michael has won no victory and the ABLP’s decision on its candidate cannot be overturned”. 

The drama between Michael and the ABLP all started when Michael was questioned, and arrested in the UK for alleged bribery in 2017.

The St Peter MP resigned from his position as Minister of Trade and Investment within the ABLP Cabinet effective May 17 the following year, amid allegations that he demanded money from property tycoon, and British investor, Peter Virdee.

Michael has vehemently denied seeking bribes as suggested in the court proceedings in the United Kingdom.


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