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Editorial Staff

High Court dismisses motion by Asot about ABLP’s candidate for St Peter

The High Court has dismissed a motion brought by law firm Marshall & Company on behalf of St Peter MP Asot Michael to hold the Supervisor of Elections and the Returning Officer for St Peter in contempt of court for proceeding with the nomination of Rawdon Turner as the ABLP party’s candidate.

The decision was turned down by Justice Dia Forrester today.

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party have welcomed the court’s decision, with the party’s chairman E.P Chet Greene saying that the decision validates the party’s decision to continue, “free of any hindrance with Rawdon Turner as the legitimate and only candidate for St Peter”

Furthermore, Greene said the ABLP acts only within the law.

“This is why we were always confident of the position we took in this matter despite the assertions of Asot Michael,” Greene added.

The Electoral Commission was represented by attorney Patricia Simon-Forde.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah! 👏 👏

    Glad that the supervisor of elections and the returning officer were vindicated.


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