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Editorial Staff

No fuel shortage, says CEO of WICO

​The West Indies Oil company (WIOC) is assuring residents that there is no fuel shortage in Antigua and Barbuda.

Long queues surfaced in Antigua Monday as motorists spent hours at filling stations while waiting to buy the product.

There was an apparent delay in the resupply vessel for gasoline which was expected to arrive on Saturday. That boat only arrived this afternoon.

However, Chief Executive Officer of WIOC Gregory Georges says the ship is now docked with fresh supplies and there’s no need to panic.

“We expect that by tomorrow morning we expect the supply vessel to fully discharge gasoline and replenish all service stations. There was simply a delay in the vessel’s arrival in Antigua. There is really no need to panic” he said.

​WIOC has also assured there are adequate supplies of diesel in the market.

Meanwhile where LPG is concerned Georges says the vessel, Daniel B has provided a full supply and WIOC is now in the process of distributing LPG into the market


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