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Editorial Staff

ABLP postpones Twaites Corner Rally

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party has postponed its rally at Twaites Corner carded for tonight.

The party said in a statement today that the decision, taken by the Executive was taken to move the date of Tuesday until after New Years Day, when the Yuletide Season has ended.

A precise date for the public meeting will be announced shortly.

“The ABLP has determined that public politicking is best taken up after the Yuletide Season has ended, and that “the reason for the season” is blessedly acknowledged. A Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Thursday in Codrington, Barbuda, and the effort to engage in public campaigning will end thereafter. The ABLP encourages all political parties to do the same during these holy days,” the ABLP said.

“The Executive of the ABLP expresses its thanks to the thousands of men, women, children, and supporters of the Party for attending the ABLP Launch of Candidates on Monday night, December 19, 2022, at the Nugent Avenue venue. The launch was enjoyed by those who attended; several thousand people flooded the street to hear the Political Leader of the ABLP speak, and to learn that 18 January 2022 has been declared Election Day 2022,” the statement stated.

The ABLP said it has received assurances of wide support in each constituency, and applause for its five-year performance and governance.

“There is excitement in the air and a readiness by electors to go to the polls. The campaign continues in earnest in a few days, while the candidates continue to spread cheers during the Christmas holidays,” according to the statement

Residents will go to the polls on January 18th.


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