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Editorial Staff

WATCH: Election Day is January 18th

​The wait is OVER!!!! Antiguans and Barbudans will go to the polls on January 18th.

December 28th is normination day.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne made the announcement moments ago at the official launch of the party’s candidates.

“You have a great team. It is not very often you get a team that can deliver the way we have been able to do,” Browne told the hundreds gathered at tonights event.

One of the contentious issues is that of water supply but Browne gave his assurance that his adminstration will resolve it within months.

Some new areas of development includes the rebuilding of the Halcyon Hotel, a project being undertaken by Sun Wing and further development of UWI Five Islands and

“UWI Five Islands is the most significant gift that any administration can give to the country…Youi cannot develop a country by giving handouts…when they tell you they will give you this, ask them where the revenue are” he said.

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party is seeking a third term in office while the United Progressive Party is doing all it can to ensure the party is defeated at the polls.

Although Browne kept the date close to his heart for many months, he did indicate that elections will be called very soon.

The Democratic National Alliance, the minority party is also seeking to unseat Browne but many have said that the race is really between the two main parties ABLP and UPP.

Now that the election is called, attention will turn to the matter of the possible outcome and with a deficit of 7 seats or a 9% swing (8,623 votes) to overcome, the UPP has a considerable hill to climb politically.

CADRES polling has to date suggested that an ABLP victory is more likely than not.

Certainly, there are some localised issues of concern with both the Prime Minister and government, however the public still appears to consider the ABLP more suited to leadership at this time.

Consistent with the fact that the UPP holds one seat (All Saint’s and St Luke), the presumption is that it would want to take 7 additional seats, while the ABLP would want to defend as many of these as possible.

The data from the 2018 election is instructive and presents 7 marginal constituencies that would be the focus of considerable political interest over the next few weeks.

These are, St. Phillip South, St. Mary’s South, St. John’s Rural West, All Saints West, St. John’s City East, St. George and St. Paul.

In these instances, the UPP would need to gain anywhere ranging from a 1% swing to a 9% swing in St Pauls to claim victory.

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