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Editorial Staff

PM Browne says UPP promises are signs of desperation

​Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said that United Progressive Party Leader Harold Lovell continues to deceive the electorate by promising them “anything and everything”.

Yesterday, Lovell said on forming the next Government, a UPP Administration will champion an immigration system that is more competent, compassionate, and equitable. 

He said in a press statement that there are many areas that need to be better managed, ranging from indefinite periods for processing applications to a hostile environment, where non-nationals are made to feel like second-class citizens.

​Lovell said under its one Caribbean Programme, the UPP will amend the constitution to allow people who have an Antiguan and Barbudan great-grandparent to secure their national passport by descent, complete all citizenship applications within 90 days and create a Department of Immigrant Affairs, guided by a Board of directors from within migrant communities.

But in a swift response to Lovell, PM Browne said on his Facebook page that “Harold “Quintus Cicero” Lovell is hell-bent on deceiving electors by Promising them anything and everything; knowing very well that the promises will be broken in the unlikely event he wins. Desperation”

Lovell said a UPP government will also grant a Residency Card as the first step toward obtaining citizenship, establish a Citizenship Line to speed up the processing of persons applying for citizenship, grant Family Citizenship under a skilled immigration programme and activate the Immigration Appeals Tribunal to ensure quick settlement of immigration disputes.

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  1. Elden Charles

    Were there any comments made about growing the economy? Tourism as the #1 industry, after all this time, is a joke that has lost its punchline. The government could incentivize investment in the country. If Indonesia and Singapore can do this. So could we. But that would require JUSTICE, and the rule of law to function in the country. I think foreign investment would pay long-term dividends; much better and dependable than payments from criminal and other unsavory elements who are incentivized to move to the country, and who produce NOTHING but hostility from home grown citizens, and a strain on non- existent resources. But, these people, including the gangsters in government can afford to live in the failed State of Antigua, so the peasants who have no other options, those who can’t afford to leave, are just going to have to take a turkey, or TV, or whatever is given in exchange for their vote. How absurd! How about an audit of government officials for the past 10 years?

    These are the comments I’m interested in from all politicians claiming to care about the country and its people. Better yet, they could start a charity and donate some of the money that they stole from the people over decades in office, to facilitate an economic recovery. I have some ideas on how we could start turning things around, but people are not ready nor willing to make real change. Unfortunately, more pain is necessary, and is coming our way. This clown car of a government, on both sides, is why young educated people like me leave the country with great speed, as soon as they are able!

    I wonder how much milk is left in the breast of the country for parasite politicians to take? How long until the cow must be butchered to satisfy their greed?


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