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Editorial Staff

Wrong winner announced at Regional Calypso Competition

Nobody wants to know that they have been declared the winner and then told the announcement was a mistake. But that’s what happened last night at the Queen of Queens Regional Female Calypso Competition in Montserrat.

The MC announced the wrong winner and that of course did not go down well with patrons.

In a grand announcement, the MC told the hundred gathered that defending champion Karene Asche was the winner but later announced that she was actually the first runner-up.

Kenneth Silcott, Director of the Montserrat Arts Council said “our judges, based on points, selected the positions of the competitors, however, because of human error the positions were inverted thus creating an issue. As a result, Karene Asche, the second runner up was announced as the winner and the winner Terry Lyons announced as the second runner-up. No change for the 1st Runner up Tasha P”.

Adding, “a copy and paste issue created some uncertainty and anxiety for the Calypsonians. I am deeply sorry and once again apologize for this and the shadow cast on an excellent and highly competitive show. To all the calypsonians, fans, and audiences we at the Montserrat Arts Council do apologize.”

Silcott said all judges’ decisions would be signed and authorized before they are given to the MC, moving forward.


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