‘Emily in Paris’ actor, Lucien Laviscount, has Antiguan roots

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Jan 2, 2023

If you are the typical Netflix and Chill kind-a person you may have stumbled upon Emily in Paris.

It’s a romantic television series created by Netflix where this marketing executive Emily Cooper, an American, moves to France to provide an American point of view to a French marketing firm. 

But if you made it past Season 3-like me-then you would have noticed a stuff muffin-looking British actor named Lucien Laviscount.

He is playing the role of Alfie in the series. Guys come on…Who could have missed him? He has been there since Season two.

Well, guess what? This hunk of a dude has Antiguan roots. No kidding! No wonder the fella looks so…ok. Ok.

Anyway, Laviscount, the British actor was born in England to a mom of English descent and a dad of Antiguan descent.  

In an interview with Nadia Dyson of  Luxury Locations Real Estate Antigua, Laviscount said Antigua is a place he also calls home.

“My father’s from here… we used to come back every year when we were kids… No matter what was going on. My mom and dad made sure we came back to the roots of it all. And yeah, this is it now… this is home since 2020.”  

He started showing his love for the twin island state since 2020 when he shared with his thousands of Instagram followers’ beautiful scenes from the land of sea and sun-Antigua and Barbuda.

“5 of the best months of my life…Antigua…it’s been a trip! New perspectives…New friendships…Ready for the next adventure! Yeaaah Mann 🌴”  he wrote

Laviscount also told an interview with Luxury Locations Real Estate Antigua, that “Antigua gives him perspective on life and what life means in the time that we have”

Some of his favorite beaches include Jolly Beach and Darkwood. But he kept his number one pick close to his chest, saying it was a secret.


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