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PM Browne threatens to sue Asot Michael and media houses

Editorial Staff

Jan 3, 2023

Prime Minister Gaston has threatened to take legal action against the independent candidate for St Peter Asot Michael and every other media house that ran a press statement accusing him of fraudulently obtaining a US$150K loan from the government’s Treasury.

Michael also accused PM of having shares in Jolly Beach and borrowing $200,000.00 from the late Ambassador Josette; the mother of Michael.

“They using Asot Michael to slander me, but I am going to tell you all that I am going to deal with him. I am taking him to court and Asot Michael, ZDK, Observer, and every media house that slandered Gaston Browne has to pay.

Browne said he has already instructed the law firm of Sir Gerald Watts to prepare the court documents which will be served on Wednesday.

He also warned the population about their involvement with the once-cabinet member.

He also warned the population about their involvement with the once-cabinet member.

“When he comes with his lies that I borrowed $200,000.00 from his mother, totally lies. He has been known to be a notorious liar and I want to say to you all who are playing with Asot Michael, he is no comrade. He is trying to derail this great movement, he is trying to destroy the progress we have made during the last 8 and a half years. He is persona non grata. Don’t tell me anything about Asot Michael,” Browne said at a rally moments ago.

Michael was arrested by the British government for his alleged involvement in a bribery matter. He was later fired by Browne. The relationship has never been the same. In fact, it is safe to say that Browne became Michael’s public enemy number one.


  1. Rhonda

    Election Mele

  2. Eldridge

    Arseton Browne, you boast to your friends that you are the richest Prime Minister in Caricom, that you are now worth $300M. Where you get all that money, Arseton? You legally earn all that in 9 years? NO! So go sue you bald head self for accusing Arseton of stealing $300M! You are now a liability to all your candidates. See what you did to Rawdon Turner? If he wins his seat, the courts will overturn his victory, because of how you messed up the whole Asot debacle. No ABLP candidate can put up a billboard if your photo is not on it too. Don’t they understand you are poison? That posing with you on a billboard ruins their chance of winning? Arseton, you done kill ABLP! RED DEAD! RUN DEM OUTTA TOWN COME 18TH JANUARY!


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