Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

First major drug seizure for 2023

The Police and Customs Department seized a sizeable amount of Cannabis at one of the main ports of entry on Friday.

Both law enforcement agencies conducted a joint drug operation at the Deep Water Harbour and discovered 52 vacuum-sealed packages of Cannabis weighed 52 pounds.

The substance is valued at EC $312,000 and is recorded as the first major drug seizure so far for the year.

In 2022, millions of dollars’ worth of Cannabis were seized between the two main ports of entry by both law enforcement agencies.

This includes 7 ½ pounds of Hashish that were found washed ashore in Barbuda in December.

Investigations remain ongoing.

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  1. Elden Charles

    So while other countries in the Caribbean, that have more than one major seasonal industry, are legalizing and profiting from Cannabis, we are still spending resources we don’t have on criminalizing it.


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