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Editorial Staff

Knight takes Young Media Practitioner Award

Observer Media’s Carlena Knight has walked away with the Department of Youth Affairs Young Media Practitioner Award.

The young female reporter has worked in the media for several years and although her love is really for sports, her name has been seen on some hard-hitting stories, touching politics, human interests, and social developments.

“Now that the celebrations have ended, I want to take the time out to thank everyone who has played a part in my journey. I also want to thank the staff at the Department of Youth Affairs who thought a young gyal from the ghetto is being an inspiration and showing her greatness from within,” Knight posted on her Facebook page.

She said there have been many downs but far more greater successes and “it’s only a blessing to be recognized for my passion as a media practitioner! It’s been almost a decade in the game and I hope to continue my goal of not only highlighting youth in sports but also in other aspects of life,”

Knight says her love for sports and also journalism was not the only driving force behind her success

She said her strong family ties also kept her shoulders at the wheel, in her field of work.

“Thank you to my friends, my baby, and my family for always being in my corner. This one is dedicated to my heart, my granny Ms. Jenny who isn’t here physically to witness this but I know her many prayers for her rebel are finally paying off,” she wrote.

Congratulations are in order.


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    Yes congrats knight. You are growing well in your field


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