WATCH: UPDATE: Serpent tells DCA “You’ve only just angered the bear”

Editorial Staff

Jan 9, 2023

The United Progressive Party’s candidate for St George Algernon Serpent Watts is seeking legal redress after the Development Control Authority demolished his billboard erected outside the Potters Playing Field.

“One billboard cannot stop me. One gone, two born. People don’t vote for billboards so breaking it down to achieve your political mileage is not gonna happen. You’ve only just angered the bear”, Watts said on his radio station this evening.

Watts said the entire situation was a ply by ABLP candidate Dean Jonas and the deputy at DCA.

“I am seeking legal representation. They didn’t just take it down, it was destroyed. It was a plot…” he said.

According to the DCA, no permission was granted to approve the billboard.  As such, Watts was given notice for removal on Thursday 5th January 2023.

Watts’ failure to comply with the order resulted in the destruction and removal of the campaign material with the assistance of Central housing and planning authority (CHAPA)

Watts confirmed that he received a call last week from someone via telephone asking him to remove the billboard. He said the person on the other end of the phone said the billboard could be obstructing traffic.

“I am from Potters. I don’t know what nonsense I was hearing. I didn’t know if it were official or not. DCA doesn’t operate by word of mouth. I had received no written correspondence from the DCA. Nothing to tell me about my infringement, no time to correct my infringement…None of that was done,” he said.


  1. Anonymous

    Wicked people nonsense

    • Abuda

      The victory for serpant will be sweetest

      • The sweeter the victory

        AH CANT WAIT

      • I love ❤️ my country

        I saw DCA sign on Asot’s bill board, were those broken down??? The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory. Come eeen clean!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t this was called for i can’t even express my self how I wish to

  3. Anonymous

    The removal of the billboard will not diminish the people’s desire to sweep out Dean. Evil set of people.

  4. Patta me cum from

    Its amazing that they have a backhoe and truck at their disposal to be petty but the gutters and drains down the road by the adventists church in potters needs cleaning for more than a year.

    • Anonymous

      Sad real sad 😭

  5. Loveth

    Serpent’s office is just up the road from the 2X4 billboard. All they had to use was a hammer. Why backhoe and 10ton truck. DCA said that they gave no permission for the 2X4 but yet gave permission for the Big Empire State Building billboard with Dean and Gaston a few feet away. The Wicked shall Not find Rest sayeth the Lord Christ

  6. Anonymous

    Is everyone missing the point that he was given notice to remove it because it was placed there without permission. I guess we support disorder and breaking of the rules. Ijs

    • Disgusted

      Just tap chat foolishness no wonder you are I would not put my name beside that nonsense, so all dem 32feet boards that keep dropping down have permissions?? Better question is the only billboard on the whole island that permission was not given ?? You want to believe that ? That is why we are in the state we are in today.

  7. Juanco Browne

    Strong 💪🏾 party. With strong party supporters. Hard to beat that….large and in charge
    All supporters with agree, wrong is wrong; but with all the red billboards that fall over by the act of nature. No hay problema!!!

  8. Sandy Lane

    These people are fighters, they will pull out every stop from the inside. From their position of advantage. So while one party wants to play fair always. That won’t work.
    Guessing only the voters can make a difference, and those scales too will be tipped also. A grease the palm where necessary.
    No stone uncovered.

  9. Anonymous

    Seriously why ? and gave consent to build a Itol shock in front of fisheries look at the bs

  10. Roytoy

    Time will tell. Billboards don’t win elections. More power!!!! All ah u afraid. Behhhhhh. Change must come!!!

  11. dK

    U mean to tell me they couldn’t wait another week to remove it a notice of removal should give a certain amount of time it also should have being a written communication even sticked on the billboard


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