ABLP launch Next Level Manifesto

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Jan 10, 2023

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party launched its Next Level Manifesto in grand style on Tuesday, a document filled with promises aimed at the enhancement of people and nation-building.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, who was supported by all candidates in the upcoming general elections presented a 134 paged publication entitled ABLP next level.

It chronicled programs the party says it has delivered during the last parliamentary cycle, investments over the last 8 years, an examination of the pledges and promises made by the opposition United Progressive Party, and policies and strategies for achieving next-level development for all.

It also includes initiatives to promote health services, medical schools, wellness tourism, housing and beautification, and public service among other things.

In the manifesto, the government pledged that there will be a continuation of no income tax. “Whereas others will tell you there will be no personal income tax, I am sure you will not have the confidence to believe it”, he said.

There will, according to Browne, no increases in the ABST on essential foods, on hygiene products, and where practical, ABST will be reduced

The government will also remove duties on security systems and alternative green energy products for homes and businesses.

“We will bring down the cost of electricity and water by the use of renewable and such as solar energy. We will further incentivize the agriculture and fisheries sectors to provide locally grown and more affordable foods,” Browne said.

The government he says will also adopt legislation that will match the retirement age for all workers in the public and private sectors.

Below is a copy of the ABLP’s manifesto



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