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Woman wants Gov’t to address prostitutes on upper Bishop Gates Street

Editorial Staff

Jan 10, 2023

Prime Minister Gaston Browne was left stunned during a town hall meeting when a woman from the audience asked that he “do something” about the “prostitutes on Bishop Gates Street”.

While the audience laughed, the woman claimed that she was being very serious because she was unable to sleep at night.

It was a humous moment and our newsroom captured it


  1. Anonymous

    😂😂😂😂 she can’t sleep a night

    • Anonymous

      What the prime minister can do for u? Get earplugs lady

  2. Anonymous

    Some ppl need to get this thing right the woman might not be against how them ppl live there lives but if she live close by its her right sometimes we need to put our self in other people shoes and understand where they are coming from with there point of view that’s not a joke

    • Wendel Alexander

      Agreed. But the way it came across why people laugh… they are not laughing at her I think; because she is quite serious… more of the clip shows how disgusted she is with the noise and the things they leave at her place outside after!


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