Antigua and Barbuda Labour party retains office

Editorial Staff

Jan 19, 2023

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party has retained power, taking 9 out of the 17 seats up for grabs. Polls are still being counted.


ABLP: 9; UPP: 5; DNA: 0; BPM: 1; IND: 1;

St. John’s City East: ABLP: 887; UPP: 881;
St. John’s City West: ABLP: 1295; UPP: 621;
St. John’s City South: ABLP:904; UPP:495;
St. John’s Rural North: ABLP:1563; UPP: 1358;
St. John’s Rural South: ABLP: 1157; UPP:867;
St. John’s Rural East: ABLP:1790; UPP: 1439;
St. John’s Rural West: ALBP: 1195; UPP: 1447;
St. George: ABLP:1212; UPP: 1395;
St. Peter: ABLP: 532; UPP: 343;  ASOT: 1242;
All Saints West: ABLP:1272; UPP: 1829;
All Saints East & St. Luke: ABLP:1047; UPP: 1799;
St. Mary’s North: ABLP:1698; UPP: 1579;
St. Mary’s South: ABLP: 862; UPP: 1070;
St. Phillips North: ABLP: 708; UPP: 620;
St. Phillips South: ABLP: 360; UPP: 582;
St. Paul: ABLP: 962; UPP: 632;
Barbuda: ABLP:456; UPP: 624;


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