Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Nomination Day today

Three independent candidates are expected to be nominated today Wednesday ahead of the January 18th elections.

Gail Pero Weston is expected to be nominated today for St Johns Rurals South, while Asot Micheal is expected to be nominated for St Peter, on an independent ticket.

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, the United Progressive Party, and the Democratic National Alliance are each expected to nominate candidates for all 17 constituencies in Antigua.

And the Missing Link, Voice of the People is expected to nominate at least 10 candidates today.

Meanwhile, the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission says all nomination papers should be filed between 8 am and 6 pm.

Candidates will be asked to deposit $500 and present 10 persons to officially nominate them.

The following locations have been chosen for Nomination Day

  • St John’s Rural North          – Cedar Grove Primary School
  • St John’s Rural South           – Golden Grove Primary School
  • St John’s Rural East             – Clare Hall Secondary School
  • St John’s Rural West            – Multipurpose Cultural Centre
  • St John’s City East               – Princess Margaret Secondary School
  • St John’s City West              – Villa Primary School
  • St John’s City South             – Mary E Piggott Primary School
  • St George                            – Potters Primary School
  • St Peter                               – Parham Primary School
  • St Paul                                – Liberta Primary School
  • St Philip North                    – Glanvilles Secondary School
  • St Philip South                    – Freetown Primary School
  • St Mary’s North                  – Antigua State College
  • St Mary’s South                   – Bolans Primary School
  • All Saints East and St Luke  – Irene B Williams Primary School
  • All Saints West                    – Sea View Farm Primary School
  • Barbuda                              – Holy Trinity Primary School

Here are the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) candidates: 

  1. Prime Minister Gaston Browne, St John’s City West: 
  2. Melford Nicholas, St John’s City East: 
  3. Steadroy Benjamin, St John’s City South 
  4. Charles Fernandez, St John’s Rural North 
  5. Daryll Matthew, St John’s Rural South 
  6. Maria Browne, St John’s Rural East 

7.. Gail Christian, St John’s Rural West 

  1. Sir Molwyn Joseph, St Mary’s North 
  2. Samantha Marshall, St Mary’s South 
  3. Robin Yearwood, St Phillip’s North 
  4. Lenox Weston, St Phillip’s South 
  5. Colin James, All Saints East and St Luke’s 

13.. Michael Browne, All Saints West 

  1. Rawdon Turner, St Peter’s 
  2. Dean Jonas, St George’s 
  3. Chet Greene, St Paul’s 
  4. Knacyntar Nedd, Barbuda 


The candidates for the United Progressive Party (UPP) are as follows: 

  1. Political leader Harold Lovell, St John’s City East 
  2. Jamale Pringle, All Saints East and St Luke  
  3. Richard Lewis, St John’s Rural West 
  4. Kelvin Simon, St Mary’s South  
  5. Anthony Smith Jr, All Saints West 
  6. Pearl Quinn-Williams, St John’s Rural North 
  7. Franz deFreitas, St John’s City South 
  8. Algernon Watts, St George  
  9. Tevaughn Harriette, St Peter 
  10. Gladys Potter, St John’s Rural South 
  11. Cleon Athill, St Paul 
  12. Sherfield Bowen, St Phillip South 
  13. Sean Bird, St John’s Rural East 
  14. Johnathan Joseph, St Mary’s North 
  15. Alister Thomas, St John’s City West 
  16. Alex Brown, St Phillip North 
  17. Trevor Walker (Barbuda People’s Movement), Barbuda 


Representing the Democratic National Alliance(DNA) are: 

  1. Party leader Joanne Massiah, St Phillip South  
  2. Stephen Richardson, St John’s Rural West 
  3. Chaneil Imhoff, St Peter 
  4. Tecla Thomas,All Saints East & St Luke   
  5. Anthony Stuart,  All Saints West 
  6. Gameal Joyce, St Paul 
  7. Roland Timothy, St John’s City South 
  8. Kisean Joseph, St Mary’s North 
  9. Andrew Antonio, St Mary’s South,  
  10. Trevor Young, St John’s Rural East, 
  11. Leon Smith, St John’s City East, 
  12. Louis Rivera, St John’s Rural North 
  13. Mario Thomas, St Phillip North 
  14. Avoy Knight, St John’s Rural North


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