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Editorial Staff

AG to recommend the end of African flights

On November 01 2022 Antigua Airways touched down at the VC Bird International Airport coinciding with the country’s 41st Anniversary of Independence. It received a water canon salute.

The cabinet is meeting today and one of the matters that could be brought before the downsized body is a recommendation to end immediately, all dealings with entities responsible for flights transporting Africans to Antigua and Barbuda.

That request will be brought by Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin who told an interview with Dadli Media Pop Up that he will also suggest to the Cabinet that the matter be investigated thoroughly.

The matter, which has raised concerns about exploitation and possible human trafficking, has consumed public discussion and has been the subject of international news reports.

“My first day on the job I investigated the matter. I will now make the recommendation to the Cabinet. We will have a thorough investigation into this matter. I will protect the integrity of the country as long as I am Minister of Immigration,” Benjamin said.

To stimulate trade and investment between Antigua and Africa, the government embarked upon a venture with Antigua Airways, owned by Nigerian entrepreneur, Marvellous Mike Press Limited.

But since the first flight from Nigeria on November 1, the airline has been under serious scrutiny.

Many of those who arrived have come into the country without accommodation and no clear plan for employment or supporting themselves. The situation has caused anxiety for Antiguans and Barbudans and a lot of negativity on the regional and international scene.

“No official complaints have been made to me in my capacity as National Security Minister. When you mentioned human trafficking, I was shocked. That’s never been brought to me by the United States, by England, by Canada. No advanced country has written to us on this matter at all. You will have speculations perhaps, but no information has come to my desk as Minister of National Security,” Benjamin said.

Antigua Airways has been touted by the government as a major investment coup for Antigua and Barbuda, with the direct link to West Africa having the potential for significant economic benefit.

There were also long-term plans for the route from Lagos to Antigua to be followed by a route from Antigua to Canada before the carrier heads back to Nigeria.

The firm is also hoping to collaborate with LIAT, flying passengers north and south of Antigua who have come from West Africa on Antigua Airways.

Antigua Airways plans to operate a Boeing 767-300ER in a 16-business and 251- economy seating configuration.


  1. Mystic

    You in your Small Corner
    And I in Mine…
    Yet Majority RULERSHIP is Thine
    You Guys CRAFTY So Designed
    It Blows my mind.
    Looks Li k e Great Train Robbery
    Everything Borgnine

  2. Sandy Eskimo

    about time it gets a proper investigating because it makes no sense so many traveling to be spending time outside hotels/hospitals and what not without any clear plan or path.

  3. Joshua Moses Douglas

    Antigua and Bamuda has a very good initiative to bring Africa and the Caribbean together. sir I want to know when would be the flight started moving directly from Africa to Antigua and Bamuda

    • Shakiru Bello Adeleye

      I wanted to know if the flight can carry a incoming new addmission student to Antigua and i what to know if Antigua have been a visa free to nigeria

      • Anonymous

        its a good initiative to bring Africa and the Caribbean together cause we are one . I do not see this as any form of human trafficking but as a chance for Antigua and Barbuda to create a relationship with Africa and to boast the country’s economic

    • M.C.W.

      Where is Bamuda? Never heard of it.

      • Ivor Edwards

        Because Bamuda it’s Barbuda

      • Anonymous

        U should google it

      • Chipanda kunta

        Wish they can think like that some people of this folks here are so brainwashed in this 21st century they still hating on fellow blacks ⚫ we are all Africans we need to stop this hate an start loving each other theirs no other race that could survive what the black race has survived

  4. Send them home!!!

    They need to stop,some of these Africans do not have respect or manners I am 9 months pregnant I went into one of the money gram branches an I waited for eight ppl to finish collecting or receiving money an four African fellow came in an just wen it was my turn they rush Infront of me almost knocking me over!!!! I was highly upset they stood there giggling other person who was in the line behind me got upset at them an they went to the back of the line,these Africans need to return home!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      you can not base your conclusion on matters such as this . the behaviour of four can not be generalized as that of all

      • SteffieG

        The whole world from the north to the south pole is concluding that human trafficking is taking place.
        The majority of Antigua and Barbuda citizens are suffering and struggling, food prices are rising, no water, electricity outages.
        They don’t have a free pass to other Caribbean Islands, why Antigua and Barbuda?
        Aren’t we going through enough.
        Jesus wept.🙏🏼

    • Smith

      If that actually happened then sorry about that . But Africans are the least people knows for disrespect and I’m sure they didn’t cut you in a line while standing . You had the right to actually tell them you were in the way and if they didn’t move you can then make claims. Please remove hatred and anger from your heart and quit the lies.

    • Owenson Humphreys

      There have been many writings about the transatlantic African slave trade so many that most of the people who study it are confused. It is apparent that the way to control some people is to chain or incorserate them, It seems that you people of Antigua have three choices, you could put them in chains like the white man did incarcerate them or chase them out the country

  5. Audley Phillip

    Elections done! This plot thickens like my grandmother cornmeal porridge. Was only a public relations mechanism in the first place and the whole hype surrounding flights from Nigeria to Antigua was nothing but a hoax. Nothing about this was properly done or implemented and was hastily arranged as an election prop. People must hold the government to account for this nonsense which I am sure involved some wasted tax payers dollars. What an endeavour at pulling wool over peoples eyes! What a waste and attempt at fooling people!

    • Lucinda

      Lord election done an home accept lost an just move on an stop making everything political smh 🤦‍♀️

    • @Audley

      I agree. There is nothing that happens in government that Cutie lying malicious tongue doesn’t know about.
      Gaston done collect his money for these people and he’s sharing the wealth with you. Stop act surprise about these Nigerians… y’all got money to bring them in. Now Antigua filled with Nigerian squatters. That’s cruel if I should say.

      To you Nigerians that’s responding…. Antigua have enough employed and unemployed non- nationals and nationals alike suffering

      Go home
      It’s much better
      Go home and thrive
      Stop suffer in Antigua

    • B!Shup PupaSam

      Accept the truth

      • B!Shup PupaSam

        Lucinda accept the truth and you move on

  6. Jude Sunyhin

    we came into Antigua and we Bost your economy but you turn to treat us as animals. we did not come here to begg because i for example i import cars from Europe, USA and Japan. i also came to see if i can invest in some sectors here but the reaction i got is not welcoming. this not the way you should treat us. we paid thousands of dollars to come here by ourselves

  7. Colin Charles

    I do not agree with stopping the airline from coming. When I travelled to Barbados the made be declare where I was staying and I had to show them proof of my ability to stay there and pay the hotel and our guest house. The problem is with immigration and customs. Did they turn a blind eye.
    The opportunity for trade, education, business, import and export are too big to throw away because of lack of oversite of a department and their policies
    Africa is a positive force that we all can benefit from Wake up and smell the coffee

    • M.C.W.

      If Africa is so prosperous why don’t the Africans invest there. It doesn’t make any sense.

      • Smith

        Why do Americans invest in Africa of America is soo prosperous?

  8. Bashir Abubakar

    I will please advise you to organize them if you think they’re stranded. Offer them jobs and accommodation, for they will relentlessly work to enhance the improvement of your country.

  9. Dean

    We don’t want them or any more Guyanese, Dominicanas/Dominicanos, taking jobs snd benefits that our own nationals should be getting. Go back home. We don’t want you here. And we also don’t want whatever nasty diseases like Ebola that the Africans are capable of bringing here.

    • Sheba

      That comment is so ignorant. Smh This type of thinking will set back the country who is in dire need of an economic boost. The real issue is immigration. Making sure people who come here have a plan if they came on a one way ticket. Request documents that have proof of business if they came to invest. Every country has disease. I would hate to be raised by you and your discriminant self. Pure ignorance is what will bring the country down, not Africans. Why don’t you complain about the horrible road to Devil’s bridge.

    • Chupamda kunta

      That’s very mean of you do you think if you travel today as n Antiguan citizen to the UK they will consider you as perfect take a look in the mirror your as black ⚫ as any other African in africa just so you know this hate won’t take you anywhere shame on your your grand parents are from Africa yr blood isn’t Caribbean its african do your history

  10. Chipanda kunta

    With all due respect 🙏 I mean no disrespect with my write up…

    Firstly I would like to say this Antigua 🇦🇬 folks are really nice folks 👍 you guys are amazing 👏 yr hospitality overwhelm me during my stay there as an African like they called me.

    Most of yall dunno yr history so I can’t blame anyone ranting here firstly we are all Africans we got same DNA call yourself Caribbean or whatever but you came from Africa 🌍 that’s yr ancestral land. . . The white folks has brain wash us so much to hate each other an be recia among ourselves. When are we gonna start loving our blacknes ?

    Why qll this hate of you saying african folks ARE here to take your jobs and benefits? Mind you this would ain’t ours before you your grand parents leaved an work this land they never took it to their graves when they died. Vanity upon vanity we are all Africans let’s be out brother keeper… I mean no disrespect pls.

    To Antigua 🇦🇬 folks you guys are amazing and I love yall I have a story to tell the rest of African about our people

    • Enough is enough

      Well said. We as black people we have this saying of ‘are you bang water come yah’ may I remember each one that when we are in our mother’s womb what was surrounding us and protecting us through the whole maternity period it was that fluid that we all call water that kept us alive. When it errupted we say water bag buss. All are we bang water Fu come yah’! Whether it be natural birth or even c section we bang water Fu come yah’!

      When any one of you go foreign you would like to be treated with respect and also have the best accomodations as much as possible put the shoes on the other foot treat each other just the way you would like to be treated. Life is a cycle no one knows where in life they would end up. All I would ask of the visitors to have great intentions not only for themselves but also to have good intentions for the place that they have decided to migrate to.


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