BREAKING: Cabinet halt all chartered flights from West Africa

Editorial Staff

Jan 26, 2023

On November 01 2022 Antigua Airways touched down at the VC Bird International Airport coinciding with the country’s 41st Anniversary of Independence. It received a water canon salute.

The cabinet has decided to place on hold, all chartered flights from Africa, saying that another flight used the set up of Antigua Airways but had not complied fully with Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation rules.

The decision was taken on Wednesday when the downsized body met.

The recommendation was made by attorney General steadily Benjamin

“The Cabinet took a decision to halt temporarily the chartered flights emanating from West Africa. The rules governing the member-countries of the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) are very strict; Antigua Airways had not complied fully with all of them. The organizers have pledged to fix all the deficiencies before resuming their service across the Atlantic from the Motherland,” according to the Cabinet notes this morning

The arrival of dozens of Africans on the island on two separate chartered flights has caused quite a stir in recent weeks

Some of these nationals mainly from Nigeria are still stranded on the island.

Antigua Airways has been touted by the government as a major investment coup for Antigua and Barbuda, with the direct link to West Africa having the potential for significant economic benefit.

There were also long-term plans for the route from Lagos to Antigua to be followed by a route from Antigua to Canada before the carrier heads back to Nigeria.

The firm is also hoping to collaborate with LIAT, flying passengers north and south of Antigua who have come from West Africa on Antigua Airways.

Antigua Airways plans to operate a Boeing 767-300ER in a 16-business and 251- economy seating configuration


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