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Editorial Staff

75 pounds of hashish found on a beach in Barbuda

The police received a helping hand on Wednesday when 75 pounds of hashish which washed up on a beach in Barbuda, was handed over to them.

According to state media, the drug was found in several packages by Dr Nick Fuller and a member of his team.

They found the contraband while walking along a beach on the eastern side of Spanish Point. Dr Fuller says the packages had barnacles, theorizing they may have been drifting in the water for some time before washing up on the beach on the sister isle.

The renowned mariner and his deck hand had sailed to Barbuda on Tuesday on his sports fishing vessel, transporting Team Antigua Island Girls, while towing their boat there as part of their preparations for the upcoming Pacific Challenge.

The quartet of intrepid women had also delivered motivational speeches to Barbudan students Wednesday morning, and are set to row back to Antigua as part of their training. (ABS)

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  1. Mystic

    Fulfillment of Many H Dreams
    Row Row Row Girls.
    Mermaids of Our Seas.
    Practices make Rough NECK
    Much Respect ⛵️ ⛵️ ⛵️


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