Bahamian police investigate threats against PM’s life

Editorial Staff

Feb 5, 2023

The life of the Bahamian prime minister Philip Davis is under threat and security officials have beefed security there.

Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander said the Prime Minister’s Office received two calls around mid-day but he said Davis was not “scared” but the threat is being taken seriously.

A video circulating on social media showed a man suggesting that PM David should be assassinated during a protest held by the Coalition of Independents (COI) last Wednesday outside of the Parliament building.

“Shortly after noon two anonymous calls believed to be male, called in and made death threats to the prime minister. Officers are responding and we now have a full-scale investigation that is ongoing at this time. We are following significant leads, both calls came in one right after the other 15 minutes apart threatening to kill the nation’s leader. We as Bahamians, it shouldn’t happen. When you are talking about threatening the nation’s leader… we take this very seriously.”

Commissioner Dernader said police were too early in their investigation to rule out whether the calls were linked to the group.

“Acts like that will only take the temperature to another level,” Fernander said that whoever is held accountable would be dealt with according to law

“We would throw the book at them”, he said.

He said the police will be also pursuing the person recorded in the video making the initial threat against Davis.


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