Police still probing rape allegation against Bahamian legislator

Editorial Staff

May 16, 2023

​Police in the Bahamas say they are still tidying up their investigations into allegations that a member of parliament was sexually assaulted at her home on April 4

Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander told the Tribune newspaper that “the investigation is going well. The investigators are moving, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s and then we will address it with our DPP office,”

“We are still tidying. Grand Bahama was viewing the file. Now it is here, so we are going now to view it and then now we will consult with our DPP office,” he said.

Fernander did not say exactly when the police will complete their review.

The woman who made the report is the former lover of the legislator. She made the rape allegations on April 7.

She told police that she was raped, choked, and poked in the eye by the legislator, who also made death threats against her and her family during their relationship, prompting her to fear for her life.


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