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CHSS teachers and parents protest for better security

Teachers at the Clare Hall Secondary School are protesting for better security at the learning institution.

The decision comes on the heels of an incident last week where who armed men breached security traumatizing students, teachers, and ancillary staff with a machete and a golf club. School was suspended for two days following the incident.

There are two security guards at the school and one police officer. But now teachers and parents are demanding at least two police officers.

Parents told reporters at the scene that they don’t feel safe having their children at school anymore.

They have written a letter to the principal of the school requesting two police officers at the school

More details will follow

All this comes as plans are underway for the committee set-up to find solutions to the deepening problem of youth-on-youth violence are planning a meeting that could be held this week

Director of Education, Clare Browne said the meeting will take place “as soon as possible” to address the incident that occurred last Friday near the YMCA Complex.

According to reports, several teens, armed with machetes and other weapons, were menacing other young people present.

All the detained children were released to the custody of their parents following the incident, without charge.

Director Browne told Pointe Express that in view of the Clare Hall Secondary School incident and the arrests on Friday of the young men near YMCA, the committee must meet urgently to review its plan, assess the results of the areas rolled out so far and examine other areas that must still be addressed.

He said among other things, the 13-point plan calls for public education on the Juvenile Justice Act and the country’s marijuana laws which now allow people to legally possess enough of the substance for their personal use.


  1. Audley Phillip

    School security is a billion dollar industry but it is a necessary evil in this day and age. We simply cannot take the safety and security of our teachers and students for granted. The enhanced security is necessary and justified even in the wake of the recent happenings. We are no longer living in 1970’s. Sometime ago I called on government to expand the school crossing guard initiative to include security guards. This way you would not be forced to dish out millions of dollars to private security companies. All citizens stand in solitary with teachers and students where their safety and security are concerned.

  2. Anonymous

    But government have School security.They need to employ more government School security officers raise the pay give training and tools to do the job correctly. On the big compound 4 Security officers are needed, on the small compound 2 and three officers. It can be done. All the money that is been dish out to private security company must be used to upgrade the government Security company.


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