Grenada celebrates 49 years of Independence

Editorial Staff

Feb 7, 2023

Yesterday, Grenada celebrated its 49th anniversary of Independence under the theme “The Journey to 50: Reflecting on the Past, Planning for the Future”.  

Prime Minister, Dickon Mitchell said Grenada’s journey has not always been an easy one.

He delivered an address to the nation on that day, also highlighting the long march from colonialism to independence, and the multifaceted challenges Grenada continues to face as the descendants of slaves, remain a thorn underfoot. 

 “Yet still, we push forward, because, like our fore parents, we understand that no one can speak to our causes, or fight our battles for us, better than we can,” he said.

He said Grenada has come a long way over the past 50 years, saying that the people are resilient.

“When our own Kirani James, then an eighteen-year-old from Gouyave, won the Olympic 400 metres in 2012, Grenada became the country with the most medals per capita— a title we held for several years after his win.  

When Jennifer Hosten competed in the Miss World Competition in 1970, many people had not even heard of Grenada, yet she became the first black woman to win the title —an accomplishment that was recently featured in a Hollywood film,” said the prime minister.  

Adding, “The ingenuity and perseverance of the Grenadian people are our superpower, as can be witnessed in the numerous examples of Grenadians who left humble beginnings and continue to rise to the very top of their fields and to greatness here at home and in countries around the world.”  


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