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Editorial Staff

Delarno Davis Charged for Robbing a Corn Alley Store

The police arrested and charged 18-year-old Delarno Davis of Golden Grove Extension with robbery.

The accused is alleged to have armed himself with a firearm and entered a Corn Alley store and robbed the owners of almost 31,000 dollars worth of jewelry and electronic items.

The items include one hundred and twenty-seven rings; five wristwatches, seven neck chains along with fifteen pendants; two bracelets, two Fire Tablets, three mobile phones and an undisclosed sum of cash, which all amount to EC $30,973.00.

The alleged incident occurred around 3:30 pm on 7th February. He will be expected to appear before the Court sometime this week.

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  1. Mae

    At that age she should be in college trying to get a higher education instead of robbing people. He need to put himself in the business owner shoes and see how it felt to get robbed at gun point. Even not at college but a trade school or working.


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