WATCH: Visit to the scene where CCTV captured Vincia James last alive

Editorial Staff

Feb 15, 2023

Mikhail Gomes

Today, the Jury, court personnel, witnesses, defense, and the crown visited the scene where CCTV last captured Vincia James alive

James, a mother-of-one, was last seen on surveillance camera leaving her Old Parham Road workplace, Dixie Operations Ltd, a little after 1 pm on April 07, 2017. Her body has not been found since.

Her former boyfriend Mikhail Gomes has been charged with murder and as the trial comes to an end, all evidence submitted has now been presented to the 11 jurors sitting in on this case.

A series of text messages between the two were also presented as evidence. From these messages, it is clear that Gomes and James had a rocky relationship and she feared for her life.

A verdict could be given as early as next week.


  1. Anonymous

    Still lack of evidence to support charge

    • SharonP

      I regrettably agree with you

    • Anonymous

      Shut tf up

      • Attorney at Law

        Sad to say. That dude will get away with this at this instances. May be in the future the case may open back up with someone coming forward as a witness or little bit more substantial evidence.

    • Anonymous

      Tell them again,,not even a death certificate
      Its still s missing person situation
      Just a show trial
      All this back and forth text is rubbish

  2. Chubby

    If he wasn’t guilty, he would not be the way he is. Silence is consent!

    • SharonP

      While the majority may agree with you, unfortunately the evidence presented is completely circumstantial.


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