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Editorial Staff

Mikhail Gomes not guilty of murder

Mikhail Gomes walks away after being found not guilty of murdering Vincia James. (Photo Credit: Observer)


Mikhail Gomes is now free of the charge of murder that has been weighing over his head for over 5 years.

Gomes was accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Vincia James who disappeared in April 2017

Justice Colin Williams upheld a no-case submission presented by Gomes’ lawyer Lawrence Daniels.

The jury was then instructed to return a not-guilty verdict.


  1. Anonymous

    God always has the final say. He is the true judge. Although it may seem delayed, Godly justice will always prevail. ⚖ ⚖

  2. Mar

    If he is guilty in God eyes, his conscience will destroy him slowly. Ask, if he is not responsible for the young lady disappearance, Lord Jesus, then who? Vincia James family need closure, Lord! Her son and parents need answers.


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