Ottos Comprehensive student stabbed

Editorial Staff

Feb 18, 2023

A 15-year-old student who attends the Ottos Comprehensive School was stabbed with scissors to his back on Thursday afternoon by an unknown assistant in broad daylight

The boy, accompanied by his mom, reported to police at the Criminal Investigations Department that at about 2 pm, while in the vicinity of a Barber Shop on High Street he and a young man whose name he does not know but would be able to identify if seen again, got into a confrontation and when he turned and was walking away, the young man stabbed him in his back with a pair of scissors.

The teenage boy, who is currently in 4th form, said he did not realize that he was wounded until someone told him that he was bleeding from his back.

He was issued a Medical Examination Form and given certain directives. His injuries were not life-threatening and police are investigating the matter.


  1. Anonymous


  2. Mae

    Who are the parents for these children?? Maybe the names of these parents need to be make public and see if that would help to control the criminal activities among the youths. Fathers, please help your sons before this situation escalate worse among our young males in society.
    In this article it stated the mother took her son to the police station to file a complain. It never mentioned the father. Where is the father??

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