Student stabs student at Jennings Secondary

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Feb 8, 2023

Schools must be havens of safety instead of centers of violence, but lately, students, mostly boys, have been at the center of trouble in Antigua and Barbuda.

On Tuesday, two students from the Jennings Secondary School were engaged in an altercation when one stabbed the other.

According to reports, the principal of the school called the police at about 10:45 am, reporting that there was a stabbing in her school

The police said two 15-year-old male students were involved in an altercation while on a break which resulted in one stabbing the other twice in his head with a scissors and then he fled the school compound.

The police issued the victim with a Police Medical Form and he was taken to Sir Lester Bird Medical Center to consult the doctor in the presence of his mother.

The weapon; a black pair of scissors, is in police custody and investigations are ongoing.

The government says it intends to make young troublemakers wards of the state as it seeks to address the issue of violence among young people in Antigua and Barbuda

Information Minister Melford Nicholas said if it gets to the point where these troublemakers lack adequate parenting, then the legislation will have to be put in place to “bring them under the control as wards of the state to be able to curb this incipit social development”

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  1. Anonymous

    Trouble in schools all over the Caribbean, lacio of pro per parental supervision


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