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Editorial Staff

Police investigate suspicious bag hidden in tree root in Villa

A woman living in Villa has reported to police that she observed a suspicious bag hidden in the root of a tree in her yard on Friday and she wanted assistance from officers.

When police arrived at the scene, the woman told the officer she went into her back- yard and observed a suspicious bag concealed within the roots of a tree on the southern side of her yard.

She further stated that she had never seen that bag in her yard before.

The woman then pointed to a black and red knapsack and a green shopping bag concealed in the southern side of the yard hidden within the roots of an overgrown tree.

Upon examination of the bag, the police observed three glass bottles with what appeared to be gasoline with white cloth affixed as wigs (Molotov cocktails).

Photographs were taken and the scene was processed by police.

The items were collected and taken to the St. John’s Police Station for further investigation. Insp. Findlay was informed.


  1. Anonymous

    Oh oh

  2. Benjamin

    Someone may have had criminal intentions!


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