Immediate limitations placed on Prime Ministers Scholarship Program

Editorial Staff

Feb 23, 2023

The government has said that it will now be placing immediate limitations on new students making applications under the Prime Ministers Scholarship Program

The Cabinet said on Thursday that many more students during these past months are applying for resources to fund their tertiary education, utilizing the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Program.

And, consequently, limitations are to be immediately imposed on new students making applications for the scarce funds; while those to whom the pledges have been made in the past will continue under the same terms.

It was agreed that double-dipping is also to be disallowed. Seeking both a Scholarship and Study Leave will not be allowed, except under exceptional circumstances.

The Cabinet also gave consideration to bonding students, so that they return to Antigua to work for a fixed period, in repayment of the taxpayer funding which was freely given towards their training.


  1. Anonymous

    I’m in total agreement with this stance especially with them having to return and give back of their service for a specific period. Stop the free ride attitude of students it’s Abad influence in their preparation for adult responsibility

    • Mae

      What about if they return and can’t get employment?? Stipulation should also put in place if they decided to seek employment overseas because of the scarcity of jobs in Antigua, they should entitled to repay back the taxpayers from where they’re.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with giving back and bonding….but can someone please explain the double dipping situation

    • Mae

      I believe it meant getting a scholarship, requesting study leaves from work, and receiving a percentage of their salary. This is for government employees.
      I don’t know of any private sector that gives their employees study leaves. I did my tertiary education online while working in the private. It is stressful at times but I still able to accomplish my education dream.


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