Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Magistrate’s Court, Family Division relocated

As of today Monday, the Magistrate’s Court, Family Division, will be temporarily relocated to the High Court Building on Parliament Drive until further notice.

The General Public is advised that they are to visit the High Court Building on Parliament Drive for the hearing of their cases as originally scheduled.

This applies to all matters before the Magistrate’s Court, Family Division including maintenance and access applications, domestic violence proceedings, and hearings before the Juvenile Court and Child Justice Board.

Matters which had to be adjourned on Election Day and the public holiday following thereafter and for the period 16th February to 25th February 2023, due to the early closure of the offices of the Court, will be assigned new hearing dates.

Affected parties will be individually contacted by the Court Office and advised of their new hearing dates.

Filing Services for unrepresented litigants will continue to be available by appointment with the Court’s Customer Service Bureau which has also been relocated to the High Court Building.

Child maintenance payments are now to be made at the cashier window designated for this purpose on the ground floor of the High Court Building until further notice.


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