Editorial Staff
12 months ago

Editorial Staff
12 months ago

$214M sent out via Western Union and MoneyGram in Dominica last year

Over $214M was sent out of Dominica through Western Union and Money Gram in Dominica in 2022. Finance Minister and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit believe that this is evidence that jobs exist on the island.

Skerrit said the monies came from foreign nationals who are working in Dominica, particularly in the construction and agriculture fields.

“So, when people say where is the work, Dominica doh has worked, this money didn’t come from America. It is coming from Dominica going out of Dominica,” Skerrit declared.

Over half of this amount was sent out by Haitians living in Dominica.

“On any given week we can add up the amount that is transferred to Haiti more than 100,000 dollars, and that’s just at our company”, a worker at one of the outlets reported.

Skerrit made similar statements last in 2021. When he said that despite the COVID-19-related economic crisis, the economy was showing indications of recovery as millions of dollars were sent abroad by Haitians living in Dominica during the previous two years.

“22 million dollars in COVID-19 period…and in 2019 they sent out 23 million dollars. So I wanted to put this important piece of fact so that people appreciate that we may not be where we want but there are opportunities for us as Dominicans to do so,” Skerrit added.


  1. Anonymous

    So they’ve already started momitoring peoples money? GOD forbid

  2. Anonymous

    Jobs for everyone else except Dominicans


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