China’s new foreign minister threatens catastrophic consequences if the United States does not watch its steps


Mar 7, 2023

China’s foreign minister Qin Gang has called on the United States to hit the brake if it does not want a conflict between the two superpowers. Qin, who was the former Chinese ambassador to the United States until December last year, in a press briefing on Tuesday, criticised the Biden administration’s sales of weapons to Taiwan and its strategy in the Indo-Pacific Region. He also criticised the United States for its role in prolonging the conflict in Ukraine. 

“If the United States does not hit the brake, but continues to speed down the wrong path … there will surely be conflict and confrontation and who will bear the catastrophic consequences?” Qin Gand said.

He insisted that the United States was laying the foundation for a “diplomatic crisis that could have been avoided” because of its distorted view of China. 

“The US perception and views of China are seriously distorted. It regards China as its primary rival and the biggest geopolitical challenge,” he added. “The US claims it seeks to compete with China but does not seek conflict. But in reality, the so-called ‘competition’ by the US is all-around containment and suppression, a zero-sum game of life and death.”

“Containment and suppression will not make America great, and the US will not stop the rejuvenation of China,” Qin added, referring to Trump’s recent speech.

Although the relationship between the two countries has been rocky over the years, ties between the two largest economies have grown worse in recent times. Beijing and the US now have so many differences now more than at any other time in history. While the US is calling on China to openly condemn the war in Ukraine, China wants the United States to stick to the one-China policy. Things got worse last month when the US Airforce shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon, which China insists was a civilian weather device. 

Qin defends China’s ties with Russia

China’s refusal to openly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine is one of the many reasons the two countries are getting farther from each other. Mr Qin, in his briefing on Tuesday, insisted that the United States does not have the moral right to tell China not to supply arms to Russia when it is supplying the same to Taiwan. 

“Why does the US talk up respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity on the Ukraine issue, but does not respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity on the issue of Taiwan? Why does the US ask China not to provide weapons to Russia while keeps selling arms to Taiwan?” Qin asked.

“The more unstable the world becomes, the more imperative it is for China and Russia to steadily advance their relations,” he added. The foreign minister insisted that the relationship between Russia and China does not in any way threaten world peace and that no third party could disunite them. 

The Chinese communist party believes Taiwan is part of China, and in the future, Beijing would have to retake the Island. However, Taiwan, with a smaller firepower and a smaller number of foot soldiers, is relying on the support of the United States to stand up against an invasion, should it happen n the near future. President Biden has vowed to defend Taiwan militarily should China strike.

“Why does the U.S. keep on professing the maintenance of regional peace and stability while covertly formulating a plan for the destruction of Taiwan?” Qin asked.

Qin, in his speech, urged the United States not to interfere in “China’s internal affairs” saying it is a red line that must not be crossed. 

The secret hand pushing the war in Ukraine

Qin Gang, like President Xi, believes the war in Ukraine would have ended if there was no one behind the scene pushing for an escalation. Although the United States was not mentioned, the Chinese foreign minister seems to have hinted that it was the “invisible hand.”

“There seems to be an invisible hand, pushing for the protraction and escalation of the conflict and using the Ukraine crisis to serve certain geopolitical agenda,” Qin said, without continuing. 

The United States has been accused of blocking peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.  Recently, Israeli former Prime Minister, Naftali Benett, said Western powers blocked the peace deal reached by Ukraine and Russia. The United States has not commented on the issue.

Hinting at a nuclear war

The Chinese foreign minister hinted that there could be a nuclear war should the United  States continue its “malicious confrontation” and unfair competition with China. He said the “future of humanity” is at risk should the conflict escalate. 

Qin Gang has been selective with his words during his time as ambassador to the United States. His emergence as the foreign minister has shown a different part of him. He seems to share the same ideologies as President Xi. Definitely, his appointment would further widen the relationship between the two superpowers. 


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