New endurance reality series filmed in Dominican Republic airs in the UK

Mick the Ram

Mar 7, 2023

The UK welcomed in a new reality TV show this weekend which was filmed and contested in the Dominican Republic. Go Hard or Go Home brings eight individuals together in a series of physical and metal challenges, over the course of 28 days.

The twist with this show is that each person is assigned to a”warrior”, an elite group of super-fit athletes, who act as mentors to push their partners to get the maximum effort and reward out of them, and guide them on a journey outside of their normal comfort zone.

In the opening episode the contestants are tasked with crawling along a rope stretched across one of the Dominican Republic’s most impressive tourist attraction, that being La Boca del Diablo, otherwise known as the Devil’s mouth.

Radio DJ Jordan North was chosen to host the show following the good impression he made when battling his own struggles, which he was able to overcome, when taking part in the hit show: I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! back in 2020.  

Dominican Republic creates a wonderful backdrop

The choice of location took the contestants to one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for Brits, with the wonderful backdrop of the Dominican Republic’s white-sandy beaches, emerald waters, and luxury resorts, but the fabulous opportunities that are on offer for anybody taking a holiday, were a long way from what those competing in the show had to endure.

All a bit too much for the host

As the series progresses, viewers will see much of the fabulous island’s amazing scenery, whilst the contests are being undertaken. The average temperature during the four week competition hovered at around 26 degrees, making for some hot and sticky training sessions. For the host, Jordan North, it all became a bit too much as he explained: “I fainted on the first day at the top of a cliff with heatstroke.”

Ideal man to front the show

This followed him having to confront his genuine fear of flying just to get himself out to the Dominican Republic in the first place, and this was compounded by a need for an emergency landing which would not be recommended for anyone with a flying phobia. He had to conquer a fear of heights when taking part on I’m a Celebrity, and obviously impressed the public with his determination, so much so that he was voted into the runner-up slot on the series.

Mental focus key to success

He said Go Hard or Go Home appealed to him because those taking part all had some issue to try and overcome, each with a personal story that was holding them back in their lives and he felt he could relate in some way to them.

He was able to relay his experience to the contestants telling them: “If you push yourself, and I know it sounds cheesy, but it can change your life.” He famously took himself to his “Happy Place” when he was on Celebrity, which allowed him to find a focus to enable him to get through some pretty horrific trials. He chose his favourite football team’s home stadium. He encouraged the contestants in the Dominican Republic to do exactly the same, picking somewhere where they were at their happiest, explaining how anything would be possible with the right mindset.

Frightening array of fitness talent

The Warriors who were there to assist made for quite a fearsome bunch. They included a woman’s bobsleigh member who is also a shot putting champion; a former professional footballer who regularly tackles incredible feats of endurance; and a former rugby World Cup winner and Commonwealth Games medallist. There was also a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and Judo; a gold medal champion gymnast; and leading fitness instructors.

There was a real diversity of talent, each offering something different in the quality stakes. Watching over all of the trainers and trainees was Paul Olima, who also acted as co-presenter. He is a personal trainer and expert in mental endurance.

Clever format but time will tell if a success

Whether the series becomes a hit with the watching audience remains to be seen, but if nothing else they will get a glimpse of some of the beauty of one of the jewels of the Caribbean.


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