Rastafari groups now free to use marijuana for sacramental purposes

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Mar 8, 2023

Three Rastafarian groups have been given legal authorization to use marijuana for sacramental purposes, making the country the first in the Caribbean to issue a license to these faith groups for that purpose

Representatives of the Nyabinghi Theocracy Church Inc., RasFreeman Foundation for the Unification of Rastafari, and the Wan Love Chant all signed on behalf of their faith during a ceremony at the office of the prime minister Wednesday morning

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the decision shows the commitment of his government to inclusiveness.

“No group of individuals, based on their economic standing, their belief or religious practices that any group should be marginalized in this country. We believe strongly in inclusivity and equality of opportunity and justice and certainly, as your prime minister I will continue to champion those causes on behalf of our people not only here but in the wider region,” Browne said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the medicinal authority Ambassador Davin Joseph told the signing ceremony that the government will continue to make efforts to ensure residents benefit from cannabis

“The government will continue to encourage you to look at the business aspect of this product so you can be self-sufficient and economically sustainable,” he said.

And Director of Operations and Technology Regis Burton says the license will not be used as one for business but for sacramental purposes.

King Sagyefo of the Nyabinghi Theocracy Church has praised PM Browne for making this possible
“I feel like you have made a great step forward and you are my prime minister for life. You have been doing a lot of great work Antigua people don’t know about…I see your vision because we are on the same page…”, he said.

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